Identity and focus

A non governmental organization on the side of mothers and children. Arché was founded in 1991 in Milan by Fr. Giuseppe Bettoni to face the emergency of children infected by HIV.

Now we face other situations in which children suffer: Arché mission is to take care of “vulnerable mothers and children” facing social distress and personal difficulties, with the aim to support them in reaching their social, housing and working independence.

All this is implemented, with the focus on specific contexts, through:

  1. Welcoming mothers and children in secure housing centres;
  2. Housing them in semi-autonomous apartments;
  3. Introducing the mothers into the job market and helping them to gain professional experience;
  4. Assisting  them in hospitals and at home with psychological – social – educational support;
  5. Promoting supportive citizenship through seminars, lessons in schools and laboratories.

We are active in Milan, Rome, San Benedetto del Tronto, Kisii (Kenya) and Chikuni (Zambia).

Through the work of volunteers and professional support staff,we take care of the most fragile family relationships and of the development of a more responsible and empathetic community. We believe that any person can grow to become an upstanding citizen.

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