Education for life project

In 2001, the project "Zambia: education for life" was set up by Arché's volunteers who have been going to Chikuni every year to help run the project.

"Lack of education is as serious as lack of food; the illiterate is a starved spirit". Paul VI.

In 2009, thanks to Arché, 1439 children from the Chikuni community were able to attend primary and secondary school. The funds raised are generally used to pay the school fees, uniforms, shoes and school books, but also other bare necessities such as food, blankets and clothes. Particular attention is given to the so-called double orphans, i.e. those who have lost both parents to Aids.

As well as promoting education, Arché finances micro projects, which are managed by the local communities. At the end of every quarter each community must not only pay back the initial capital lent, but also give part of the profit so it may be used for funding the education of the orphans in Chikuni. Involving the local community helps to develop a sense of responsibility in the community, which has to participate actively in every initiative which regards it.

The aim of this project is, among other things, to train the orphans so that they are aware of their rights, which very often get trampled on; to awaken the local communities to their responsibilities towards these young people; and last but not least to ensure that the project managing committee identifies and implements the most effective strategies so as to guarantee a better future for the orphans.

This project is implemented in conjunction with our local partners – the community of Chikuni and the Jesuit missionaries who act as supervisors to the project. Arché's volunteers are able to monitor the project by participating first-hand in the summer camps which are held in Chikuni on a yearly basis.

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