YOPA Project

The YOPA (Youth-Oriented Parenthood into Action) project is a branch of the HIV prevention programme introduced in primary schools within the dioceses of Kisii – Kenya. The parents are the beneficiaries of YOPA: in fact, this project has been drawn up with the aim of helping parents understand the adolescent world of today. YOPA's aim is to facilitate parent-child communication and interaction within a context which is still largely dominated by traditional educational concepts and methods, often quite unsuitable for balanced confrontation.

A group has been formed consisting of adult volunteers operating within the community who, following a training seminar, transfer the skills acquired in terms of relationships, communication and understanding of the adolescent world, to the community. Through YOPA, Arché aims to help parents reflect on their role and give them the necessary tools to guide the formative process of their children.

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Daniel Ratemo
James Macheneri 
Menencia Oyugi