Kisii's prison project

In the female prison in Kisii, in Kenya, children under the age of three live inside the prisons with their mothers for the entire period of their detention. The children spend their days in a small room, with the mothers taking turns looking after them. In recent months Arché has supplied the prison with milk-bottles, cot sheets and other bare necessities. Following an inspection made in October 2009, Arché, the prison authorities and the dioceses of Kisii agreed upon restructuring the room used by the children during the day, as well as the kitchen where food is prepared for the young guests. 

The aim of this project is to significantly increase the ventilation and luminosity of the two rooms, offering the children a healthier, more suitable environment in which to live. The peripheral walls of the two rooms will be raised by about a metre and a half, a window will be put in on the blind wall opposite the door, and the two existing openings will be enlarged. The walls will be re-plastered, the cots repainted, and shelves will be put up along the walls for the children's toys and books. Once the work has been completed, the internal walls will be decorated with cartoon characters and other colourful patterns. 

The kitchen will have a dresser in which to place the kitchen utensils and plates, and the walls will be painted using a dark hue as cooking is carried out with firewood. The hood will have to be raised, which will be done while the height of the roof is being increased. The work has just started and should be completed in a few weeks. We would like to thank Le Coccinelle Onlus for having co-funded the project. 

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