Dala Kiye project

Arché's Dala Kiye project came into being in collaboration with the Camillian religious Order in Karungu, which has been working in the territory since 1993. In order to deal with the ever-increasing orphan emergency, the Camillian missionaries opened a welcome centre for orphaned children, called Dala Kiye, which in the Luo language means exactly "the house of orphans".
Inside this facility, which shelters over 300 children, Arché promoted training of the local educators in charge of the children, who need quali?ed and motivated mentors. The education of orphans is also a high priority objective at Dala Kiye. Arché paid the teachers who were working with the orphans and supplied the students with the text books necessary to follow classes better.

In 2005 Arché financed the life-saving antiretroviral treatment for 30 HIV-positive orphaned children at Dala Kiye. Arché's involvement in the Dala Kiye project ended in 2007.


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