Radio School project

Education is an essential condition for genuine human development, not only an element for personal but also for public enrichment, an instrument for progress and development of the entire society.

In Chikuni, in the southern province of Zambia, Arché supports Radio Chikuni, a radio station which provides a modern and effective means for promoting human development. Radio Chikuni broadcasts an educational programme, called Radio School, thanks to which approximately 1500 orphans, who would otherwise have no access to education, can go to school. Although there are many primary schools dotting the Chikuni territory, there are still many children who have no access at all to education, either because they lack the money to enrol or because they live too far from the nearest school. The service Radio School offers is an effective, flexible and low cost solution to the problem of illiteracy and the high percentage of drop outs.

A problem to solve At a fixed time during the day the students gather together with a mentor and a number of solar radios to follow the lessons transmitted by Radio Chikuni. At present the lessons are still being carried out under the shade of a tree, as there are no actual schools around. Arché has already built three two–classroom, one–office schools in three villages, in which about one hundred children can listen to the lessons in an appropriate environment. Nonetheless, there are still many villages where similar structures are lacking.


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