Tie and Dye Project


For several years now Arché has been working alongside Chikuni Parish in south Zambia, which set up a Home Based Care programme targeted at the sick living in its parish, and now includes over 150 volunteers helping about a thousand people living with Aids or HIV. 

Every project in Chikuni, including the Home Based Care programme, is implemented with the aim of rendering it sustainable, so as to reduce over time dependence on outside help, and of making the local community the main agent in their own development. This is why the Tie&Dye groupwas set up. It is a group of HIV women who dye local fabrics (the so called Chitenge) beautifully, thus not only expressing their creativity, but also sustaining, through the sale of these fabrics, themselves and their families. 
The use of these fabrics to make clothes and other products has generated new forms of income, important both for the members of the group and for the Chikuni community. In 2009 Arché sent out two volunteer seamstresses who set up a two week dressmaker's workshop. The results have been really very encouraging. 

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