Computer school project

Since 2002 Arché has been sending about 1500 children and orphans from Chikuni Parish, in Zambia, to school. However, once completed the primary and secondary schools, the students are often confronted with a lack of job opportunities. The young, who dream of a life different from their parents', have difficulties in fact in finding a job. Arché has stepped in, offering the older boys and girls professional training which could facilitate their entry into the working world. 

Thanks to the support given by the Rotary Club Manzoni, and in collaboration with the Jesuits running Chikuni Parish, Arché has been able to set up a computer training centre with 10 work stations. Two rooms have already been restructured, computers have been bought complete with software programmes and in September 2010 Arché will send a young volunteer engineer to Chikuni for three months to set up the first basic computer course for adults and adolescents.




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