Summer camps in Africa

Every year Arché offers the opportunity of having a meaningful experience of solidarityand sharing in the developing countries. This is an exceptional occasion to be awakened to the privileges we have as Westerners and the iniquities that afflict this world.

In particular, the traditional destination is Zambia, where volunteers also have an opportunity to monitor the course of the project "Zambia: education for life", visiting the villages where the orphans who are assisted by Arché stay and meeting the local communities. The volunteers are given shelter in the Jesuit mission of Chikuni and accompanied on the territory by the local committee that manages the project in favour of the orphans.

In order to reduce the expenses to a minimum and consent all to have such an important experience, Arché does not ask participation fees. The plane ticket and insurance expenses are paid by the volunteer. Shelter is offered by the Jesuit mission of Chikuni; the volunteers are invited to give a donation directly to the missionaries to cover board expenses.

Would you like to join us in this experience? Contact us many months in advance. 

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